The Violin Society of America

Upcoming Convention Plans:

Your Board of Directors and Committees have been meeting very frequently over the last few weeks to reach a decision about our November, 2020 meeting plans. We have arrived at a workable solution. One that keeps everyone safe, does not rely on future unrestricted travel, and will not involve the possibility of a last minute cancellation.

2020: Virtual Convention

2021: Lively, odd year Convention


We are planning to offer a virtual Convention this year. We will select a platform for the best way to bring our esteemed presenters right to your home or shop. Our learning must continue!

We will have a wonderful lively odd year Convention in 2021. Details will be announced later.

The Competition has been postponed until November of 2022, scheduled (but subject to change) for the 13th to the 19th at the same hotel that we would have been this Fall. All instruments and bows made since November of 2018, meeting all other requirements, will be eligible. We expect that meeting to be a big reunion, with a larger than ever turnout.

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