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November 11, 2021
Day One Sessions

Chris Ulbricht & Kevin Kelly: Opening Remarks & An Introduction to the Four Circles - a Method of Violin Design for the Modern Maker
Trevor Davis & Panel: Building A Bass In A Week
Sarah Gray: End to End Supply Chain Transparency, Trends & Success Planning
Joe Joyner: New Instrument Exhibit
Jay Vande Kopple: Scholarship Committee Remarks & Violin Making School Updates
The International Violin Competition of Indianapolis (IVCI) presents: Luke Hsu; Chih-Yi Chen
Joe McHugh & Rozie DeLoach: Podcast Panel: Rosin The Bow & Omo

November 12, 2021
Day Two Sessions

Restoration Café
How to Ask Everyone About Fingerboards
Oberlin Acoustics Workshop: Jim Woodhouse: Signature Modes and Formants: Comparing Stringed Instruments
Oberlin Acoustics Workshop: Fan-Chia Tao: String Tensions and Damping: Comparing Strings for Stringed Instruments
Oberlin Acoustics Workshop: Joseph Curtin: Effects of String Tension and Break Angle on the Acoustical Behavior of Violins
The International Violin Competition of Indianapolis (IVCI) presents:
Eric Gagne: Making A Ferrule
Rodney Mohr: Bow of Theseus: The Philosophy of Restoration
Adam Goltry: Beyond the Handle Graft
Matt Wehling: Making Your New Bows Easier to Rehair: An Open Discussion

November 13, 2021
Day Three Sessions

Jill Arbetter: Elmar Oliveira International Violin Competition (EOIVC)
Yalyen Savignon: Volta Foundation
Members Luncheon sponsored by Bein & Co. Rare Violins
Richard Morency: E. Sartory: Tool Marks: Artifacts of Method
Cameron Robertson: Varnish Tales: Stories, Tips and Insights from Varnish Makers and Luthiers
Sarah Peck: William Monical: In Memoriam
The International Violin Competition of Indianapolis (IVCI) presents: An Evening of Jazz with Tessa Lark & Frank Vignola
Philip Kass; Christopher Reuning; Duane Rosengard; Colin Maki: A Spotlight on Giuseppe Guarneri filius Andrea & Peter Guarneri of Mantua (Closing Summit sponsored by Ethan Ladd, Merrill Lynch, Hosted by Bill Scott)

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