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VSA Journal

Each VSA Journal is now designated as either a Proceedings issue or VSA Papers issue. The Proceedings contain proceedings of every convention and results of competitions as well as articles on all aspects of bowed stringed instruments. The VSA Papers issues include articles on violin and bow making methods, repair and preservation techniques, practical acoustics for violin makers, materials and accessories, instrument set-up and methods for improving tone, innovations in instrument design, history of instruments and bows of the violin family, and other topics. The Journal is published approximately two times per-year.

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VSA Newsletter

The VSA Newsletter includes a President’s Letter, announcements, news of upcoming events, and short articles. It is published about 4 times per year. Print copies were mailed to members until 2011, but it is now distributed via email.

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CAS Publications

The Catgut Acoustical Society merged with the VSA in 2004 and continues as the CAS Forum. The CAS published a series of Newsletters, starting in 1963, then a series of Journals, ending in 2004. Back issues of the CAS Newsletters and CASJ are still available. The CAS Forum brings together researchers in musical acoustics, violin makers, composers, string players, and lovers of the music they make. One of our primary interests is the application of scientific principles to the construction of instruments in the violin family.

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