The Violin Society of America is pleased to present our second published book, The German Bow: A Study Exhibit of German Bow Making. This book covers the German Bow Exhibit at the 46th VSA Convention, which took place from November 4-9, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. We would like to thank Bruce Babbitt and the numerous volunteers who contributed their knowledge, bows, and time into organizing this exhibit. Most specifically, we wish to thank Yung Chin for his incomparable expertise and the incredible amount of time he spent working with the author, as well as Rodney Mohr for his photography.

The Violin Society of America is proud to be a associated with this thorough and expertly researched publication. Many advances in amassing and sharing information about violin family instruments and their bows, including acoustics, technology and "trade secrets", have come from seeds growing in the imaginations of major scholars in our field, like Bruce Babbitt, Yung Chin and Rodney Mohr. The VSA endeavors to keep planting these seeds of curiosity whenever and wherever we can. ($140 for VSA Members)

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The German Bow is available to non-members for 150 Euro from Holfter GmbH.


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