A cello by Giuseppe Guarneri filius Andrea, c.1710-15 included in the Rare Instrument Exhibit featuring Duane Rosengard, Christopher Reuning & Philip Kass

Thanking Our 2021 Virtual Convention Participating Contributors

The convention enjoyed the benefit of over 80 participants’ efforts, each of whom contributed something valuable to drive the content and learning you enjoyed. Their involvement was critical to the event’s success, and we acknowledge them here with gratitude on behalf of the organization:

Pablo Alfaro

Itzel Ávila

Dorian Barnes

Mark Benischek

Joe Bein

Jesse Berndt

Peter Bingen

Anya Burgess

Iris Carr

Chih-Yi Chen

A Chistopher

Jake Connolly

Julian Cossmann Cooke

Jennifer Creadick

Thomas Croen

Joseph Curtin

Trevor Davis

Jedidjah de Vries

Ulrike Dederer

Rozie DeLoach

Edward Dollerschell

Chris Dungey

Charles Edry

Éric Gagné

Chris Germain

Brandon Godman

Adam Goltry

Sarah Gray

Mira Gruszow

Curt Harig

Kile Hill

Eugene Holtier

Bella Hristova

Luke Hsu

Chris Jacoby

Joe Joyner

Rob Juzek

Juliette Kang

Philip Kass

Kevin Kelly

Lori Kirr

Adam Kology

MJ Kwan

Ethan Ladd

Tessa Lark

Jackson Maberry

Colin Maki

Joe McHugh

Rodney Mohr

Richard Morency

Matthew Noykos

Elmar Oliveira

Sarah Peck

George Quade

Roy Quade

Sharon Que

Christopher Reuning

Cameron Robertson

Joe Robson

Duane Rosengard

John Rule

Andrew Ryan

Steve Salchow

Yalyen Savignon

William Scott

Vladimiros Sorokin-Andreou

Stacey Styles

Fan-Chia Tao

Ralph Torres

Matthew Tucker

Chris Ulbricht

Jay VandeKopple

Katrien Vandermeersch

Sofia Vettori

Frank Vignola

Marilyn Wallin

Matthew Wehling

Jacek Wesolowski

Christopher White

David Wiebe

Christopher Wood

Jim Woodhouse

Kentaro Yamamoto

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