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The VSA has a new look.

You may have noticed. We hope you like it. 

While the organization has remained true to its original mission for nearly 50 years, The VSA has also become so much more. We thought it was time to capture everything.

Here's why this suits us. 

 The Spiral

A direct reference to the volute, the symbol of violin-family instruments and even lutherie itself. Spirals are self-expanding. They grow outward from a central core in the same way VSA members today build on established traditions to reach heights and cumulative achievement. 

 The Block

The square framed by four corners fits an institution. The block is sturdy and constant. It is foundational like The VSA, a keystone in the world of violin making that supports expertise and upholds recognition amongst members.

 The Openings

Openings arise from the negative space on each side, representing multiple points of entry for our members. After all, the distinguishing feature from trade organizations of our type is that we are truly inclusive and open to all. Makers, players, dealers and enthusiasts of any profession, any skill, and any personal background are welcome here. No application required.

 The Blue

A valuable connection to The VSA's visual legacy. You probably recall rows of The VSA Journals perched somewhere on a shelf or still have a personal library of your own. The blue is updated but the nod to tradition is unmistakable, signaling the wealth of knowledge within. 

 The Meaning

In exploring yet-deeper levels of unity within this representation, we find the graphic themes of Spiral, Block and Openings can be cast as Craft, Institution, and Inclusion. You might even take it further and summarize the trinity with a snappier combination. We happen to favor the words Violin, Society and America.

 The Legacy Logo

Don't worry. We still like it, too. It will always be a part of the organization and you'll see it around.


The Board of Directors


Julian Cossmann Cooke  President of The VSA
Kristin Siegfried Ballenger  First Vice President & Co-Chair, Programming
Chris Ulbricht  Second Vice President & Chair, Publications
Colin Maki  President Elect
Chris Clark  Treasurer
Charles F Tucker IV  Secretary
Bill Scott  Past President, Chair, Governance & Co-Chair, Competition

Anya Burgess  Co-Chair, Membership & Marketing
Brandon Godman  Co-Chair, Programming
Joe Joyner  Co-Chair, Competition
Ethan Ladd  Co-Chair, Membership & Marketing
Sarah Kluge  Member
Petio Kostov  Member
Itzel Avila  Member
Jennifer Creadick  Member
Jay Van De Kopple  CAS Forum Representative

Founded in 1973, the Violin Society of America is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of promoting the art and science of making, repairing and preserving stringed musical instruments and their bows. The Violin Society Of America reflects a broad range of interests and concerns of those interested in violins and the art of making instruments and bows of the violin family.

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